Voice Search Google Algorithms

Key Voice Search Google Specific Algorithms

Voice searches have gone up in recent times. With over 75% of people now using handheld devices at one point or another during the day, it has become important to make sure voice search commands are understood. If Google remains behind, they will not be able to tap into all of these users, and that is lost money in their eyes.

This is why recent voice search Google specific algorithms have been put in place to get the most out of these voice commands.

Those who are making them have stated there are concerns and the new updates have started to address them one by one as time goes on.

1) Recognition Updates

Voice searches involve acoustics as the command comes in and the device picks it up before sending it to the search engine. This is a process that is complicated but has to be broken down for the algorithm to maximize the query and give the right results as required.

Without proper recognition updates, Google would always be a step behind, and that would not help its cause.

This is why recent algorithm changes have looked into this to make sure the voice commands are being understood as soon as they are made instead of not getting anything out of the process at all. This recognition is key and a big part of what they are doing over at Google.

The recent algorithm updates have poured over this aspect to make sure the acoustics are not off at all.

2) Data Preparation

There is nothing more important than data preparation in the eyes of Google. They use GMM-HMMs and DNN-HMMs as models upon which the information is accumulated. These models are a part of the training that takes place to prepare the search engine for all incoming queries.

They want to make sure there is enough data out there to understand each word as it comes in.

There shouldn’t be inaccuracies as that is going to take away from what the search engine is all about. They want to be confident about what they are giving to users, and that is why data preparation is a part of the algorithm updates that have been implemented.

3) Adapting To Accents And Variances

The last thing Google has been looking at would be accents and other variations that are seen with voice. A general search string that would be typed is not going to be the same as “voice search” because each person has different vocal approaches to words.

For example, a person sitting in America is not going to pronounce a word, in the same manner, someone over in England would. These variations are natural, and something Google has to account for, or they are not going to provide accurate search results.

The algorithm updates have looked into this to make sure the adaptation is perfect, and the search results are as they should be. Mistakes in this regard would put people off of the search engine when it pertains to the voice searches.

These are the algorithm updates that have been made by Google in recent times for all voice search results. They have bene working hard on this aspect because they know there are more and more people who are going down this route and love using Google with their handheld devices.

These users are more than willing to use voice commands to make a search entry and therefore the accuracy has to be there for them to keep using the feature.

These updates should provide more value to everyone that loves to use the feature and all that it entails. If you need the help of an SEO Expert, check out the Dallas SEO Geek’s website for more hands-on Search Engine Optimization help.

Understanding Local Sign Businesses

Local Custom Business Sign Industry Help So You Can Advertise

If you’re trying to advertise to people and want to do it properly, look into a local custom business sign company. You can set up a sign in many places around your location or anywhere. Then you’ll be able to share information with people about your company.

A sign is going to have to have the best possible graphics and readable text on it. A problem a lot of people have with this is that they are not careful and what they get is something you have to be close to if you want to see it right. Your goal should be to take advantage of the space you have so you can reach out to people as far away as possible. Plus, when people are driving you to want people to be able to read it fast enough not to be totally distracted.

You’re going to want to find someone local if you want to be able to check on what they are doing for you before it’s completely done. That can be done if you ask them not to print the final sign for you until you approve of the look. Of course, you are probably not trained in what looks the best on a billboard, so if they tell you something you want to do won’t work then, it probably is for a good reason. They will help you with anything, but some people don’t like working with clients that tell them what to do every step of the way.

Prices are going to change depending on how many colors you want to use, the type of material you’re printing on, and how many signs you’re going to want to order. The easiest thing to do to get a good deal is to ask for a quote from various people. Make sure you know what you want first, and if you’re not sure then at least know the sign size. You can figure this out by knowing how big the billboard or ad space is going to be.

Do you have a website? If so, then think about how you’re going to share it through signs. If it’s too long of a URL, you may want to pay to use a shortening tool for it so you can fit it on signs. Of course, if you don’t have one yet you can think carefully about what it will be so you know that it’s easy to pass on through ads. Either way, it’s a good idea always to be cautious. Otherwise, you may get stuck with a problem billboard that’s not going to help you do much.

If you’re trying to keep people interested, you need to change your ads and move them around. The same people aren’t going to respond to them. Unless you have some on a major highway, then you’re not going to see much of a benefit to leaving your sign up for more than a few weeks. Try to work on updating your ads, graphics, and everything else associated with your company and what it offers every few years at least. Most big companies update their logos, so you may want to do the same if what you have out there is getting dated.

A local custom business sign industry professional (like our friends at turnersignsystems.com) is going to be able to get you far more business than ever before. You’re going to have to spend time figuring out who to work with. Then you’ll be pleased with the outcome because you’ll know what to expect the end result to be.

Moving Billboard Marketing

Why Should I Invest In A Moving Billboard?

As a company, you need to be sure that you can do all that you can to upgrade the way that you reach your customers. This means that you should invest in the most reasonable and productive forms of marketing. In this day and age, one of the best steps you can take is to invest in a moving billboard. One of these moving billboards can be purchased quite easily and will help you to reap some great benefits as a result. If you would like to learn more about how these benefits can be useful to you and your company as a whole, you should read below to see the great advantages that you can enjoy as a result. From here, you will be able to get then in touch with some marketing firms that can help you take this a step further and learn all about strategies which will take your marketing and advertising to new heights. With this in mind, read below:

Moving billboards are very creative

Perhaps the biggest benefit of investing in moving billboard marketing is that they are incredibly creative. We often get stuck in a rut doing the same old advertising to the point that it does not even feel human anymore. Creativity needs to be the most important aspect of any advertising because it is far more likely to create an emotional response with your user. If this is something that you are interested in, moving billboards are incredibly useful and will allow you to design them in any way that you see fit, while also designing the vehicle in a way that is fun and engaging.

Moving billboards give you the opportunity to hand out goodies

With moving billboards, you are not just focused on advertising; you will be able to stop the vehicle and engage with people. Imagine having people honk and wave at you while driving one of these billboards around. You can stop the vehicle and hand out plenty of free products which will make them so appreciative and also increase the likelihood that they will later make a purchase. This allows you to make a more organic connection with the customer, as opposed to treating them like a number.

Moving billboards let you target audiences specifically

With billboards that you can drive around, you give yourself the greatest chance possible to specifically target your audience is. You can drive to them and to places where they are likely to congregate and create an appearance and an impression. This can be one of the most beneficial forms of advertising due to this, and you will have all that you need to get the most out of the way that you use your mobile billboards, taking your company to the next level with the type of marketing that you are choosing to engage in. Get in touch with a marketing firm that can help you with this today.

Branding Basics

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Branding Basics

The minute you start preparing your business plan is the best time to start thinking about your brand.  Brands don’t happen overnight they evolve over time.  Don’t let budget be the reason you put off creating your brand for your business.  You don’t have to break the bank to build your reputation and your image.

  1. Your brand is part of your business plan

When you are putting together your business plan and establishing what your mission statement and values will be.  At the same time you will be determining what your unique selling proposition will be.  Once you have your USP figured out, that will give you inspiration for what your image and brand should be.

Once you figured out these things, make sure that you follow up by aligning your image and branding decisions with your business strategy.  You want everything working together; it helps build your business and your brand effectively.

  1. Put your ideas to paper

Write down exactly what you want your reputation and image to be, is it quality, status or fun?  Include how your branding ties to your vision and value statements.  Look at what your competitors are doing, what is their brand and their story.  How does brand relate to the rest of the market.

  1. Put a Graphic Designer on your team

“I can’t afford it” is what most business owners cry and that’s understandable, until you realize the value they bring.  Good graphic design is an investment in your business, they can take your business and make it memorable.  They can’t take your vision and turn it into art, art that conveys your message and develop customer awareness.

  1. Colour selection

There is a whole field of science behind choosing colors for you logo.  You can choose colors that blend with the crowd and look like the rest of your competitors or you can choose to stand out.  Colors invoke feelings, reds and yellow are warm colors invoking feelings of optimism and happiness.  Green symbolizes wealth while blue inspires feelings of trust.  Here is a video showing how color can influence your brand.

Keep your message consistent

Once you have your color scheme chosen and a graphic designer has put together a logo for you, this message needs to stay consistent across all of your marketing channels.  Your logo has to go everywhere on business cards, uniforms, letterhead, websites, signage and anywhere else you can think to put it.

As your marketing budget grows then expand your branding to channels outside of letterhead and signage.  Sponsor a local sports team, do something for a charity or host an industry event.

  1. Be the Brand

Determine ahead of time what you want your image and reputation to be about…then live it.  Everything you and your staff says and does reflects on your reputation.  If you want to be fun and friendly make sure everything is done to cultivate that image.

Stick to branding basics to strengthen your reputation and build your business.  Branding is as much a part of your business as sales or inventory and it is something you will need to master in order to succeed.

Business Fundamentals: Back to Basics

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Business Fundamentals

You get into business because you have a brilliant idea or a better way to get something done.  You know your industry and have passion for the service or product you want to provide.  You have boundless energy and work 70 hour weeks, you are good at what you do.

The things you aren’t so good at though you have a tendency to ignore.  Unfortunately that won’t work for you, being in business means doing things you don’t like and doing them well.  Managing and delegating are skills you need to master if you ever want to get past working 12 days.  Here are some business fundamentals that must be mastered if you want to ensure long term success.


You can not underestimate the importance of planning, it is critical to every area of your business.  You need to have a business plan, a financial plan and a marketing plan at the very least.  You should review your plans on at least a monthly basis if not weekly.  Set goals both short and long term and measure progress.

Business Fundamentals


Operations are all of the boring things you do that gets your products from the manufacturer to you and ultimately into the hands of your customer.  It is how your organization runs, your tasks, your employees tasks and all the things that keep your business running.  This element of your business needs to run effectively and efficiently.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Going into business is a risk itself and there will always be an element of risk, but be cautious.  Carefully weigh your options and test the market before betting the farm on a new product or service.

Get a Good Accountant

Avoiding taxes is perfectly legal and good business.  Tax evasion is not legal and a good accountant knows the difference and can help you and save your business money.

Control Your Expenses

In the beginning this is vitally important and one of the reasons a budget is so important.  If you don’t control your expenses you won’t be in business for long.


Communication is an art and good communication ensures everyone knows what their job is.  Communication lets your staff and the public know you have the best product in your vertical.


Bad leadership can take the best business and run it into the ground, despite have the best plans and operations in place.  You need to be forward thinking and in control.  This is your business…your creation, it’s up to you to steer it in the direction you want it to go.

It doesn’t matter what type of business, online or offline, the product or service doesn’t matter all of them have the basic business fundamentals that every business owner needs to pay attention to.